How to Make a TurningPoint Presentation (Video)

Using clickers in the classroom is a great way to get instant feedback, keep students engaged and help students succeed in a video game crazed society. Here is a basic overview of getting a TurningPoint presentation ready.

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5 Comments on “How to Make a TurningPoint Presentation (Video)”

  1. Valerie Harris Says:

    Having difficulty creating Turning Point slides when I need math fonts; for example, fractions, sq rts, any other math symbols. Importing them from Equation Editor as images is quite cumbersome. Are there some text books that come with these already made? I’d like some for my introductory algebra class starting this months. Also, have you found a way to import multiple choice questions from a test bank?

  2. hohmanprovement Says:

    Great questions!

    Importing things from equation editor does not jive with ppt. The best success I’ve had is with this trick:
    When you make a question slide create answers with just a “.” as the answer. Then make your first answer in equations editor. After you’ve made your first answer and resized it to your liking, just copy and paste that answer. Then double click on your second answer and go in to edit it to a different answer. Repeat until you have enough answers.

    It’s a pain but this way you avoid having to resize every thing after you make a new equation.

    I know that the recent version of the Glencoe book has TurningPoint questions already made up in the PPTs in the extra materials. I use them a lot.

    TurningPoint also came out with QuestionPoint that has a bunch of questions already made. They are alright but don’t have anything with fancy equations (sq rts, symbols, etc.)

    Importing from questions banks is possible. Here is what the tech from turningpoint told me:

    If you are using ExamView versions 5 and 6, you can import your test questions into TurningPoint slides by doing the following:

    1. Create or open your test in ExamView.

    2. Click File…Export… and select Angel 7.1+

    3. Select a location and name for the file, then click Save

    4. On the next screen, select HTML without any fonts and click OK.

    5. In TurningPoint, click Tools… TurningPoint Parser

    6. Browse to the file you just exported and click Open.

    I hope this helps!

  3. Paula Brown Says:

    I have a question about using Glencoe Mathematics with Turning Point clickers. We are unable to pull up a participant list. Have you ever used it in this way.

  4. hohmanprovement Says:


    I’ve used the Glencoe questions with success. The participant list worked for me. Are you using the 2008 version of TurningPoint? (If you got the software withing the last year you should have the new software. If not you can download it.)

    Are you running MacOS, XP, or Vista?

    Hmmm… I’m sure there is a quick way to fix it. There are so many little things to remember when running a TurningPoint presentation. I’ll check it out when I get into school tomorrow.

  5. Cindy Says:

    The following website is one I created for our school district on using TurningPoint. I think you will find it to be an excellent resource. Enjoy!

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