Wireless Writing Tablet

I wrote about using a writing tablet in math class a while back.  Now I am taking it to the next level.  I got a grant for a bunch of Interwrite wireless writing tablets for the math department at my school.  The money doesn’t come in until June but I was able to get one early on loan.  According to UPS tracking it should be at the school sometime tomorrow.  I’m trying to set some time aside so I can implement it soon.

Update: I ended up getting Airliner tablets that go along with the Notebook software (that runs on SmartBoards!)  We now have a 8 of these Airliner tablets and they are great.  The writing is smooth, they are durable, the battery lasts all day, and the Notebook software comes with it.  If you get good at running the software then you are ready for a SmartBoard.  My district was convinced of that and when a few new boards were purchased I got one in my room!   I can write on the Smartboard and use the Airliner tablet at the same time – very cool feature.

I can’t say anything bad about the Interwrite tablet but Smartboards have taken over the education world and it makes sense to go with the Airliner if you are looking at gettting some wireless writing tablets.

If you need help with the Smartboard (when you get that too) then stop by my SmartboardTips site.

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3 Comments on “Wireless Writing Tablet”

  1. Steve Larson Says:

    That is exactly the power behind these slates. I think they can change how one teaches. I have been using one for a year and half and it is exciting. The ability to move around in my room and have students participate from their desks is great. I just wish I had 30 of them in my room. My only gripe is with the software that came with my SchoolPad. I keep crossing my fingers that they are going to upgrade it. Arggg…

  2. Irene Toe Says:

    I am planning on buying a tablet. Do you have any good suggestions what brand to buy and where to get it from?

    How is it working for you and your department? Please reply to my email.


  3. hohmanprovement Says:


    Thanks for the comment! I tried to email but it bounced back. Here is what I said:

    I prefer the Airliner from Smart Technologies. The Interwrite Pad from Interwrite Technologies is a close second. The Airliner seems to write a little nicer and the software is more common. That means more teachers use it so it’s easier to find resources online. We go the Airliner for $400 and the Interwrite Pad was $440. If you get a better deal on the Interwrite Pad I wouldn’t hesitate. It’s still very nice and the software is just about the same as the notebook software.

    I have had trouble with Windows Vista. If you still run XP then you are in luck. It runs with Vista but there are some quirky things like not being able to unplug it and plug it back in without having to restart the computer. XP there is no problem.

    I got it from our local dealer in Illinois. I think if you go to http://www2.smarttech.com/st/en-US/Where+to+Buy/default.htm you can find a dealer.

    So far we have not used them much (It’s only our second day). I’ve used it a lot and love it. It takes getting used to the writing and I thing the other teacher are still getting used to that. With 8 of them being used in the department We are definitely getting known as a tech savy group.

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