Kids and the Ipod Touch

Here is something that every techie type needs to know when they are about to have kids.  Get an Ipod Touch. (A PSPworks also but the IPod is way cooler.) 

Here is why:  There are going to be many times in your life when you need to be sitting in the room just to be sitting in the room.  For example, watching Dora, watching Little Mermaid, staying in the room to make sure no monsters come in while they are getting to sleep. 

This is an enormous amount of time when you could be on-line but a laptop is a little too intrusive for the father-daughter time you are having.  I am subscribed to about 25 blogs and I get through all of them while taking my kids to bed or watching Charlie and Lola (you’ll know what that is soon – it’s a good one – you might end up watching that instead.)

It’s all about technology making our lives more efficient, connected, and stress free.  How wonderful.

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