SRS Evaluation Key Questions

My questions are below.  There is a lot of research out there on SRS (student response systems.)  A lot of this research is saying the same thing.  Basically they all say that the SRS is great, teachers and students like it, engagement is increased, but there is no statistically significant increase in test scores. 
I didn’t want to spend too much time worrying about test scores with this evaluation.  I am more concerned with finding out what works and doesn’t work in the high school classroom when implementing the SRS.  As a nod to the test happy administration world I would like to look at test scores but I would like to pay more attention to the student and teacher perception of their level of understanding.
For teachers:
What are the discipline issues associated with clicker use?
What logistically worked to pass out, use, collect the SRS?
What didn’t work?
How do you feel the student engagement was affected by the SRS? 
How do you feel the student understanding was affected by the SRS?
For the students:
How was your engagement in the class affected by the SRS?
How was your understanding of the material affected by the SRS?
How did your use of the SRS affect your test scores?
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