Making Movies With Text

Before they start charging money go to xtranormal and make some movies!  All you need to do is type in the script, add some gestures, facial expressions, background noises, and plenty of other fun stuff.

I think I am going to have my algebra class create a bunch of quick movies that explain various vocabulary words that we are working with.  A talking dictionary.

The problem I’m running into is that I can’t embed the movie in google sites.  I guess I’ll have to make a wikispace and see if that works.  OK!  It works in wikispaces if you put it a widget, select video, select “other” video at the bottom then you can put in the embedding code that xtranormal gives you.

It looks like I can’t embed it here either.

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One Comment on “Making Movies With Text”

  1. Darci Sosa Says:

    You might have luck loading them into YouTube or TeacherTube…then the students could also see other peoples responses to their work…
    Also, If try you might find something that works with the software and computer(s) you use.

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