Troubleshooting 1

As the “clicker” guru in our school I get a lot of questions about how to run the systems.  Last year a teacher approached me with a question.  Without really knowing, I went through the DESCAR method.  I first found out what was going, what needed to happen, when it was happinging, what could have been wrong, then I came down to her room and tried a few things.  When we figured out what was wrong I went over the whole thing to sum it up.

It turned out to be a real simple situation.  There is a USB receiver that needs to be in the computer for the responses to be counted.  Everything was working fine but when the students were clicking, nothing was being recorded.  The solution was to put he USB receiver in the computer.  This was a simple as forgetting to put the keys in the car and trying to start it.  However it could have taking a long time to figure out if she had just left it as a “problem” and then had me try to figure out what was going on.

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