Troubleshooting 3

This week I had a tough time with moodle.  I needed to figure out some things that I knew could happen, but didn’t know how to make happen.

In general I needed to create quizzes that were graded on such a way that it didn’t matter which one students took, that would be their grade.  I knew that there was probably some way to manually change grades, but I needed a way to make sure that all students were fairly scored automatically.

This was in the grading section of moodle.   I knew that there might be a way to cancel out individual quizzes, but I had to find out a way to do this consistently.

One my my first actions when I got stuck was to check the forums on This is generally my fist stop. I searched for different ways to grade assignments.  As it turns out I was able to create a category in the grading system, and then only take the top grade from that category.

This has happened many times in my dealing with a moodle.  There is a function that I am pretty sure that it can do, but I first need to find out something completely new about the moodle framework before  I can even solve to issue.

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