Troubleshooting 4

This week was all about moodle.  I needed to solve a lot of issues that I had in creating a quiz for students.  On was to make sure that the answers were coming out to reasonable answers.  I wanted the problems to be challenging but it helps students gain confidence if the answers are not all over the place (like crazy small decimals, or really big numbers. )  This was solved in the final page of creating a question where I could analyze numbers and answers before adding them to a question set.

The big problem I had was formatting.  I was almost thinking of forgetting about the whole project because of how algebra problem look when the get a little complex.  For example 1/2 does not look very nice on one line of text.   Neither does anything to a power like x^2.  Then I found out that I can put all my questions into LaTeX.  I of course had to take my usual troubleshooting route through forums that lead me to a LaTeX cheat sheet so I knew all the code.  Now all my questions are turning out just as I like!

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