2025 Learning Environment

From a students perspective in 2025 I envision an online presence that has all of their resources and portfolio entries.  From any access point the student will be able to get to specific e-textbooks that have been assigned to him/her.  They will also have personal wiki type repositories for all of their work, notes, and projects.  There will also be a link collection system such as del.icio.us to keep there important links in order.  All of this is accessed by the student through a iPad like touchscreen device.  This gives the student something that can be modified and updated all throughout their k-12 school years and then be a useful resources going into college.

From a teachers perspective I envision a working wireless network to allow learning to move around.  Rooms of different shapes and arrangements are part of the school.   In each room are access points, smartboards and alternate projection screens (if necessary.)  The students can access the network on their touchscreen device, and the teacher can access work on the students device during class.

Collaborative learning is a main theme throughout the school.  Groups will be formed in class, groups will be formed across different classes, and other groups forms across different sister schools.  Discussions will go well beyond the classroom.  In math class and art classes the SMART board will be used extensively for students to share, save, and discuss their work.

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One Comment on “2025 Learning Environment”

  1. Dave- Your school of the future sounds good to me…but what I really wanted to say was that I love the name of your blog..cool!


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