I have created some screencasts before for my classes.  I use them if I know I am going to have a sub and I have enough time to get them set up.  I have always had a dream of recording every class and uploading it that day.  There is usually some time that I spend up at the board explaining something.  Even if it is just a two minute explanation of what we are going to do that day I think it is important to have it recorded.  This way parents can see it, students who are absent can see it, and I can reflect on it to improve my teaching.

This past week I knew that a lot of kids were going to be gone to finish a test from the day before so I took the opportunity to record the class.  I would normally record something like this  at home, but I think it took on a new life with a live class.  Questions were asked, and students responded to make it more  of a real class being recorded.  I think this would be more beneficial to everyone who is going to view this in the future.

I think this is the way to create screencasts, even for online classes.  If students can get that in class feeling for an online class that would make the whole experience more enriching.  Even if it’s just me casually asking someone to sit down or give someone permission to go to the bathroom, this would make an online class a different experience.

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One Comment on “Classroomcast”

  1. Andrea Says:

    I love this idea! I don’t know how easy it was to embed the screencast in here, but you could just have a classroom blog in which you post the video for the day. That way there is a record of every class, and if you were going to teach a future lesson in which students needed to remember how to solve literal equations you can ask them to review it on the blog the night before. It also would work great for student who were in class, but need verbal instructions to help complete their homework. So many times kids just review their notes and not understand a thing about it, but now they can follow along to your instruction from home.

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