Donors Choose

After hearing about DonorsChoose (again) during class I decided to give it a go.  I have had an idea about a GPS triangulation treasure hunt for a while and now I have start.  It was very easy to set up an account and get it going.  I just had to write a short description about the project and the students that is was affecting.

The most impressive part of the process to me was how they automated and linked everything.  I was able to choose my high school from a drop down menu after choosing my state and county.  They had the school data so it automatically showed that I was teaching in a low income school.

The other part that was easy was shopping.  I’ve received other grants before and one of the most time consuming parts was finding the best product, then finding out if our school was able to buy from this organization or if the grant would be able to pay in some other way.  DonorsChoose has a number of online stores that it deals with and you just search for products through their website.  I never left DonorsChoose to complete my shopping list.

The only drawback is that I was limited to the shopping selection that they had and I’m pretty sure DonorsChoose takes some money off the top for organizing the whole thing.  I guess they have to make some money too in order to stay alive.

So far I have three donors.  One is an old friend from college, one is a graduate from the high school and one is an anonymous person who liked my idea.  I’m hoping the “giving” season will also help me along in the process.

Ready to DONATE! (Thanks!)

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