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Starting EPSY 474 at University of Illinois

August 26, 2008

I’m starting my 3rd year at Central High School in Champaign IL.  Before that I taught a year in Rochester NY and a year in Tucson AZ. 

I’ve been lucky enough to get some grants to increase the technology used in class.  The thing that has had the most effect on my classroom is the response system.  I have a set of clickers from TurningPoint and I use them almost every day.

I don’t doubt that they are interesting enough to get students engaged in the class.  Regardless of good or bad reviews of the clickers I’ll always use them.  However, I would like to be able to take a more formal look at the influence they have on student behavior, motivation, and success in class.  I’m looking forward to this class.


How to Make a TurningPoint Presentation (Video)

March 31, 2008

Using clickers in the classroom is a great way to get instant feedback, keep students engaged and help students succeed in a video game crazed society. Here is a basic overview of getting a TurningPoint presentation ready. geometry quiz

March 12, 2008 is a great tool for online quizes.  They must read user input becuase everytime I think of a feature that would help they announce that the feature has just been added.  I am going to ask my department to pay for the upgraded membership. 

It isn’t perfect for math but I still use it.  There is no way to indicate fractions, exponents or any other math terms or diagrams.  To get around this I create the entire question and answers in MathType and save it as an image.  I upload that image to a folder on my website and use the “link to picture” feature on classmarker to display my question with answers.  For the question and answer input boxes I just put some “.”s so there is a place for each answer and a place to put a correct answer.

TurningPoint Clickers and Math

March 12, 2008

There is not a whole lot written on the use of student response systems or “clickers” in a math class.

 I have been using the TurningPoint clickers in an algebra and honors geometry class this year. 

Here are some pointers I would give to anyone chosing to use them in a math class:

1. Make sure the questions don’t take too long to answer.  Students different ability levels make it hard to run a quiz when some students are done with the question in 10 seconds and then have to wait 3 minutes for the slower students. 

2. If you are going to give questions that take a long time give them the quiz ahead of time on paper.  Let everyone work at their own pace and then click in later.

3. Use them during the presentation of material instead of just as an assessment tool.  If you ever find yourself saying “does everyone get that?” then it’s a good time for a clicker question. 

4. Assign high points to wrong answers.  If you are just looking for class participation on new material, set the incorrect answer value to 70 0r 80.  This way everyone gets credit for at least trying and you are still rewarding people for doing well.

5. Use the countdown timer.  Sometimes questions just have to have an end.

I have a ton of suggestions but I better stop there.