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Ed Tech? Is that a job?

November 7, 2008

I am trying to figure out what this job really is.  I’ve asked around and found out that the job title, description, and tasks vary greatly from school to school. Here are the titles I’ve heard:

  • Instructional Technology Specialist
  • Ed Tech Specialist
  • TOSA (Teacher on Special Assignment)
  • Technology Coach
  • Technology Liaison

The job descriptions have included:

  • Run computer lab
  • develop/maintain school website
  • assist teachers in using technology (ppt, web 2.0, student response systems, smartboards, etc.)
  • lead training on various pieces of technology
  • minor troubleshooting

The actual person is sometimes someone who works for the whole district and goes from school to school, sometimes a dedicated person at the school, sometimes a teacher who is relieved of a class, and sometimes just a full time teacher who helps out.

Our district is thinking about adding this position at the high school.  What is the ideal situation for this position?  What should they be responsible for?  Who should it be?