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Week 3 of EPSY

September 15, 2008

I like the idea of appreciative inquiry.  It’s somewhat similar in how we try to teach our struggling algebra students.  Try to find something that works.  Try to find something that these algebra students can see clearly in their mind and work with that.  Relate it to some algebra concept.  Maybe I’m going way out on a limb here.

This week was not fun at school for me.  My daughter were sick so I missed two days of school.  However, I was able to send my students to the computer lab one day I was out and email the assignment to them.   While they were in the lab I was at home emailing them back a forth to make sure everything was going well.  I printed out the email conversation to keep for my records.  There are 29 emails total back and forth during the hour.

Today I broke 1000 hits to this blog (thank you, thank you.)   I didn’t think anyone besides myself would ever read this but I’ve had surprisingly consistent traffic on my posts that have to do with the clickers.  That makes me glad that I have decided to plan an evaluation for them.  They are definitely one of the “it” things in instructional technology but that also means that many teachers and districts are just throwing them into classrooms and hoping for the best.  There needs to be some formal evaluations and good feedback for them to really be effectively integrated.  I hope I can provide some!