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Moodles just keep getting better

September 21, 2008

This week I got worried about posting my annotated bibliography.  I was talking to Emily about it and we wondered if everyone would put the same resources since we are all looking for the same information.  I thought I better post mine early so it didn’t just look like I waited for Pam to post and then copy hers.  😉

As it turns out everyone came up with a wide variety of sources and now we all have this wonderful compilation of research opportunities for our paper.  I really dig this moodle thing.

I enjoyed Kate’s “Appreciative Inquiry: Using Personal Narratives for Initiating School Reform.”  We have a similar questionnaire for the students here and I wonder how we are using the information.  Michael’s article he found about social capital made me think about the way Steven Covey uses it in his 7 habits book.  I can’t say it’s the best way to look at it since it implies that it’s some thing you would use later.  I would rather think of it as something you would always build.   Of course Pam kept us all honest with her thorough and well though out reviews of her articles.  I wish I could see what her keyboard looks like.  I’m sure the “E” is completely rubbed off. 

I feel like I got a litter better picture of appreciative inquiry or at least a better idea of how it can or can not be implemented in the real world.