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Why haven’t I been using Firefox?

March 19, 2008

Our school’s attendance program was written to only work with IE.  I’ve always wanted to use firefox but I just didn’t want to have two browsers open.  I hear a rumor that you could run IE as a tab in Firefox but I never had time to check it out.  With spring break here I am checking some things off my wish list and I’m now running Firefox.  What a difference.  I am using all sorts of plug-ins after reading this great list.

I’m embarrassed that I haven’t been using tabs.  Now instead of a start page with links to all the sites I use at work, I have a start page with tabs to all the sites I use.  Within those tabs the pages are loaded and I get logged in to where I need to be logged in.  What a nice time saver in the morning when time is at a premium.