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Online Collaboration Assignment (Sort-of)

March 28, 2008

Inspired by all the wonderful collaborative projects like Flat Classroom and Horizon that are being done around the world I am practicing one with my classes.  Students will be creating a Google Site(Googles version of a wiki) that will review certain parts of the geometry curriculum.  Only the group members will be allowed to edit the wiki but everyone will be able to use them as review.  They will use something like Project Draw to create the diagrams.

Here is the “sort-of” part:

Students from my 3rd hour class are collaborating with students from my 5th hour class.  You might think I’m cheating (and your right) but I think its good practice for me and my students.  Next year I will try to get our sister school across town to join in.  If things go well ideally I would like to collaborate with students in other countries.